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5 Things You Need to Know About...Kathryne Taylor ('08)

5 Things You Need to Know About...Kathryne Taylor ('08)

Self-taught photographer and cook. Blogger and author. Food-obsessed sidekick to Cookie the Dog. Kathryn Taylor (’08) brings a focus to real, sustainable food delights the senses and nourishes the body, whether it’s via her blog, Cookie + Kate (read it, it rocks!), or her cookbook, Love Real Food.


You admit as an OU student your diet was often a rollercoaster of sugar highs and cardboard-flavored snack packs. How tough was it for you to change your eating habits, and what are a few things college students can do to steer themselves toward healthier eating?

Once I learned more about nutrition, I realized that my "healthy" choices were not so healthy. At that point, improving my eating habits was relatively easy. I already enjoyed fruits and vegetables, so I opted for more of those, and less packaged food. I also stopped counting calories because keeping track wasn't actually helping me make better decisions. I started listening to my own appetite instead, which works much better for me. If you're interested in learning more about food and nutrition, I highly recommend books called The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan and What to Eat by Marion Nestle.  

You’re a big fan of breakfast. What is it about the day’s first meal that you love?

What's not to love?! Breakfast is delicious and cozy and quiet. Eating breakfast fuels me for the day and helps me make better decisions later. I keep my breakfasts simple—it might be whole grain toast with almond butter and fruit or homemade granola and yogurt.

In your book, "Love Real Food," you note eating “doesn’t have to be that hard.” Explain how to simplify eating.

Focus on eating more fresh, wholesome, real food, and less packaged food and fast food. You'll have more energy throughout the day, and you'll likely meet your nutritional needs without much effort. Whole foods offer so much more nutrients and fiber than processed foods. They're delicious, too!

You’re a vegetarian, however you note most of your readers and those who follow your blog are not. Is the important take-away about cooking and eating a focus on fresh cooking and whole ingredients?

I hope to inspire my readers to step into the kitchen and cook a fresh, wholesome meal. I'm always delighted to hear that my recipes have changed someone's mind about meatless meals, but I've never placed a big "vegetarian" label on my site. Everyone is welcome!

You have two other loves. Cookie, your dog, and photography. Talk about those two joys.

Cookie is the best. I adopted her after I graduated from OU. She's expressive and ornery, and her enthusiasm for daily life is infectious. I'm so lucky that I get to spend most of my days with her.

I fell in love with photography when I took a photography class my senior year of high school, and even further when I spent a semester in France during college. Now, food (and Cookie) are my subjects of choice. Photography is a great skill to have these days, and it has served me well.


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