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5 Things You Need to Know About...Meg Myers Morgan


5 Things You Need to Know..


From helping women negotiate in work and life to teaching and taking the stage for TED Talks, Meg Myers Morgan is an expert in career development and advancement with master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Oklahoma, despite a deep family history with Oklahoma State University. With her extensive work in many arenas, we’re sure a visit into Dr. Morgan’s world will be fascinating. Enjoy 5 Things You Need to Know About…Meg Myers Morgan!

Author, professor, speaker, advocate. It’s fair to say you stay busy. Tell us what motivates you each day to do what Meg Myers Morgan does.

It’s a combination of being truly committed to my work and being surrounded by great people who keep me even more engaged in that work. In all the facets of my work are a whole array of good people—whether students, colleagues, volunteers, my editor and publisher, or audiences I speak to—that energize me and that I never want to let down. I think that’s the big secret to loving what you do; surround yourself with people you are excited to keep happy.

After earning your bachelor’s degree in English from Drury University, you turned to the University of Oklahoma for your master’s and doctoral degrees (MPA with concentrations in Public Policy and Public Management; and PhD focusing on the relationship between the public and nonprofit sector). What was the attraction to OU?

I moved to Tulsa after graduation and after a few years, got the itch to go back to graduate school. Once I started poking around online, I found OU has a campus in Tulsa (which I didn’t know until that moment) and I was thrilled to see they offered an MPA. But you have to understand, my grandfather was a Vice President at OSU; both my parents went to OSU and met there; my sister went there, and my brother went there and then married the Dean’s daughter. So…telling my Cowboy family I was going to be a Sooner was an interesting Thanksgiving to say the least. Then I stayed on for a PhD and now I’m employed there. I may have grown up in a Cowboy family but I am a massively proud Sooner!

You now serve as the graduate liaison for the MPA program on the OU-Tulsa Campus and a Faculty Fellow for Community Engagement and Impact for the College of Arts and Sciences. What do you most enjoy about campus life?

Any moment in the classroom. The Tulsa campus is unique in that it’s almost entirely graduate programs. So the students there are working adults, often with kids and jobs with lots of responsibility. There’s such an energy in the classroom because these are people who are trying to move up in their careers or provide more for their families. Which means they are all super motivated and dedicated. I will never get tired of walking into a classroom with a room full of decided professionals amped up for progress.

You’ve written and spoken extensively about career advancement for women, including a TED Talk. What’s your elevator speech on essential strategies that help propel women at work?

My recent book, Everything Is Negotiable: The 5 Tactics to Get What You Want in Life, Love, and Work (Seal Press) talks about applying negotiating tactics to every day life and career goals. Essentially, there are three reasons women don’t negotiate more: 1) They don’t know they can; 2) They don’t know what they’d ask for; 3) They are worried how they will be perceived. And that basically sums up three main areas we get held back. We have to assume we can ask for more and negotiate better terms for ourself—whether work life balance, bigger salaries, or better opportunities. But we also have to be super clear on what we want. Many women I work with will say, “I just want my job to be more challenging” or “I want more money.” Sure, but “more” isn’t very specific. The clearer we can be about what it is we are wanting, the stronger we can be negotiating for it. And finally, women really carry around concern about how they are being perceived or if they are liked. It stops us from going after a lot. Many women don’t want to negotiate because they are afraid they “will look greedy.” So I always encourage women to think about the positive perceptions their boldness can create. Asking for what you want and not settling for less makes you look confident, competent, and able to advocate for yourself. Essentially, I urge women to always know their worth and ask for more.

Your plate is definitely full professionally. What do you enjoy most away from the office?

My husband and I have two young daughters (7 and 4) who are delightful to be around so there’s not much that keeps me away from them—unless it's Netflix or a nap!

Dr. Meg Myers Morgan is an expert in career development and advancement. Her latest book, Everything is Negotiable (Seal Press, 2018), offer tactics to help women negotiate for more in work and life. In its first week, the book hit the Oklahoma Best Seller List. Meg gave a TED Talk, "Negotiating for Your Life", for TEDxOU in 2016. Her collection of essays, Harebrained, won the gold medal for humor from the Independent Publishers Book Awards (2015). She is an assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma and leads the graduate programs in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management on the OU-Tulsa campus. Meg holds a PhD and an MPA from the University of Oklahoma, certification in Executive and Leadership Coaching from Columbia University, and a degree in English and Creative Writing with honors from Drury University. She serves as the president for YWCA of Tulsa's Board of Directors, and she was appointed to the Tulsa Mayor's Commission on the Status of Women. She was honored as a 2018 Distinguished Alumni from Drury University. She lives in Tulsa with her husband and their two young daughters.

Interested in Dr. Morgan’s latest book, Everything Is Negotiable: The 5 Tactics to Get What You Want in Life, Love, and Work (Seal Press)? It’s available by clicking here!

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